Antithesis Journal


Volume 22: Hoax

Image of Volume 22: Hoax

Zoe Antony
Chloe Brien
Patrick Coleridge
January Jones
Elizabeth Robinson-Griffith
Colleen Skerrett
Michael Wos

Feature Article:
• Essentially Counterfeit: The Abyss of False Bottoms in Wyndham Lewis's The Revenge for Love – Emmett Stinson

• 'I am not racist but...': Free speech, racial vilification and the Andrew Bolt case – Martin Hirst & Kathryn Keeble
• Criminal Association in a Political Utopia – Olivia Monaghan
Matter Undermin'd: The Double Hoax of the Readymade – Sonja Hornung
• The Disappearance of the Man Who Never Was: Washingotn Irving, Diedrich Knickerbocker and the Hoax that Launched the First American Author – Daniel Davis Wood
• Real American Hoax: Karen Finley's The Passion of Terri Schiavo – Eddie Paterson
• Framline's Conservative Hoax: Smashing Frameline's Homonormative Image to Reveal a Socially Empowering Organisation – Stuart Richards
• History's Actors in the Theatre of War: Images, Myths and the Frame in the War on Terror – Dr. Kit Messham-Muir

Short Fiction:
• The Wall – Amber Beilharz
• The Manx Heart – A. S. Patric
• Libra – Kate Whitfield
• Cecilia Smiles – Rae Walter
• The Curious Mr Cameron – Claire Duffy

• Bedroom #43– L. P. Tunis
• Demystifying Man – Brandon Pettit
• Kitchen #28 – L. P. Tunis
• Après Sir Thomas Wyatt – Gemma Mahadeo
• Ghost Armour – Amber Beilharz
• Poolside #7 – L. P. Tunis
• Genesis According To Us – Brandon Pettit
• A Girl, a Skull, Her History – Ian C. Smith

• Eden – Ben Walsh
• Silent Escape – Jessica Stewart
• Post Eden – Ben Walsh
• La Rencontre – Dali Abraham
• Sentinel – Emma Lindsay
• Simulacra – Emma Lindsay
• There was a time when I lived in daydreams – Jessica Stewart
• Gender trouble – Prudence Blain
• A Wedding to Remember, FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE – Raynor Kirkbride
• Pusswah Willow's Friday night project – Prudence Blain
• I ate my heart – Jessica Stewart
• And that is how, late one night, jealousy and greed beheaded me – Jessica Stewart